Taste of Spice
The menu is for both the Restaurant and Carry Out.
To help understand how hot some dishes are the chilli strength been placed next to certain items. The strength ranges from C1 to C4, the latter being the hottest.
Vegetarian items are marked by a V
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Starters - Vegetarian

1 Vegetable Pakora £4.75 VC1
Lightly spiced balls of mixed vegetables with onions, garam flour, deep-fried. Served with salad and sauce.

2 Garlic Mushroom £4.75 V
Mushrooms deliciously cooked with fresh garlic and fresh cream

3 Chilli Cheese Sticks £4.75 V
Medium hot green and red chill staffed with Mozzarella chesses ands wrapped with pasties. Deep fried. Served with Chilli sauce or mint sauce.

4 Allo and Chana Chat (Healthy Choice) £4.75 VC1
Small juicy potatoes and chickpeas cooked with sour chat massala sauce.

5 Vegetable Somosa (Healthy Choice) £4.75 VC1
Medium spiced mixed vegetable warped to triangular size pasties. Served with Chilli sauce or mint sauce.

Indian starters Starters - Non-vegetarian

6 Tandoori Lamb Chop £7.95
Delicious tender lamb lion chop marinated with yoghurt and herbs and grilled in tandoori .Served with choice of sauce.

7 Meat Somosa £4.95
Medium spiced mince beef warped in to triangular size pasties, deep-fried. Served with Chilli sauce or mint sauce.

8 Tandoori King prawn £7.95
Large king prawn marinated in tandoori spice, pan fired - served with mint or chilli sauce

9 Chicken Pakora £4.95 Mild
Pieces of breast chicken in spicy batter of gram flour, deep-fried. Served with chilli or mint sauce.

10. Chicken Malai Kebab £4.95
Breast stripe chicken marinated in special malai spices and delicious kasmiri massala. Cooked in tandoori oven. Serve with mint sauce. Chilli strength 1

11. Combo platter for two £7.95
2pieces of chilli sticks, 2 pieces of vegetable pakora and 2 pieces of meat somosa. Served with lemon wedge and mint sauce.

Indian dishes Chef's Specials

12 Jalfrezi (Chicken/Vegetable/Lamb) £8.50 / £7.50 / £9.50 C3
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked in chefs special spices with hot green chillies, capsicum, coriander and roasted onion.

13 Chicken Xacutti £8.50 C3
Famous Goan dish. Chicken cooked with fairly hot spices, coconut powder, vinegar and coriander.

14 Garlic Chilli (Chicken/Lamb/Vegetable) £8.50 / £9.50 / £7.50 C3
Chicken lamb or vegetable tikka cooked with extra garlic, green chillies, onion, and touch of ginger. Thick sauce and garnish with fresh coriander.

15 Jera Chilli (Vegetable/Chicken/Lamb) £7.50 / £8.50 / £9.50 C3 C3
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with cumin seed, green chillies, onion and chefs special spices. Thick sauce and garnish with fresh coriander.

16. Sarisha Chicken or Lamb £6.95 / £7.95 C1
Chicken tikka kebabs deliciously cooked with mustard seeds and herbs in a medium strength thick sauce.

17. Sag Chicken or Lamb ( Healthy Choice) £8.50 / £9.50 C1 C1
Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked deliciously chef's special spices and herbs with fresh spinach garnish with coriander.

18. Chilli lemon and Duack £9.95 C3
Pieces of duck breast marinated with Indian five spices for 24 hours and cooked in tandoori oven. Served in garlic, chilli and chef’s home made lemon pickle with thick sauce.

19. Lamb chop Korie £9.95
Lamb chop deliciously cooked with garlic , ginger, tomatoes , onion, green peppers and Indian five spices and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Medium hot

20.Lemon and Lamb Buna £9.50
Slow roast lamb cooked in medium spices with marinated lemon With thick sauce. Garnish with fresh coriander and tangy onions.

Indian starters

Jall Buna

Fairly dry medium spiced dish. Cooked with garlic, onion, freshly chopped green chillies with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of vinegar. Garnished with fresh coriander leaves. As dish uses fresh green chillies, chilli strength may vary between 2-4. (recommended side dish Tarka Dall)
C2 - C4

21 Chicken Jall Buna £8.50
22 Lamb Jall Buna £9.50
23 King Prawn Jall Buna £10.95
24 Vegetable Jall Buna £7.50


Eastern delicacy, biriani is a special combination of chicken or lamb or prawn and baked basmati rice, flavoured with cardamom, bay leaves, saffron and pure ghee. Served with mix vegetable curry.

25 Chicken Tikka Biriani £7.95 C1
26 Lamb Biriani £ 8.95 C1
27 King Prawn Biriani £10.95 C1

Tandoori Special

Tandoori is a charcoal fired clay oven. The following dishes are a result of the marination of spices and the oven cooked in. Marinades are made with natural ingredients, yoghurt and fresh herbs. Served in sizzlers with mint sauce or choice of sauce.

28 Chicken Tikka £8.50 C1
29 Lamb Tikka £9.50 C1
30 Lamb Chop Tandoori £10.95 (New)
31 King Prawn Tandoori £13.95 C1
32 Chicken Saslik £8.95 C1 Healthy Choice
(Served in a sizzlers with roasted tomatoes, onion and green peppers)
33 Lamb Saslik £9.95 C1 Healthy Choice
(Served in a sizzlers with roasted tomatoes, onion and green peppers. Recommended Balti medium spiced sauce.)
34 Duack saslik (New) £11.50
(Marinated duck breast served in a sizzler with roasted tomatoes, onion and green peppers, recommended balti medium spiced sauce)
35 Tandoori Chicken £8.50
(Half chicken on the bone)

Tikka Massala Dishes

These dishes are barbecued in the tandoori first, then cooked in special creamy masala sauce with coconut and almond.

36 Chicken Tikka Massala £8.50 Very mild
37 Lamb Massala £9.50 Very mild
38 King Prawn Massala £10.95 Very mild
39 Vegetable Massala £7.50 Very mild V

Indian starters Balti Dishes

This famous spicy chicken curry originated from Baltistan, (now part of north Pakistan). Thick sauce.

40 Chicken Tikka Balti £7.50 C1
41 Lamb Balti £8.50 C1
42 King Prawn Balti £11.95 C1
43 Vegetable Balti £7.50 V C1
44 Cod Fish Steak Balti £8.50 C1

Balti Jalfrezi

Combination of two very popular dish. Delicious for hot food lovers. Thick sauce. Chilli strength 3.

45 Chicken Tikka Balti Jalfrezi £8.95 C3
46 Lamb Balti Jalfrezi £9.95 C3
47 Aubergin and Potato Balti Jalfrezi £7.95 C3

Fish and Seafood Dishes

48 Methi Fish £8.50 C1
Cod steak cooked in delicious sauce of fenugreek leaves and spices, garnished with spring onion and codiander. Thick sauce.

49 Prawn and Aubergine Bhaja £8.50 C2 Healthy Choice
Prawn and aubergine cooked with spicy sauce with garlic tomatoes and onion. This is fairly dry and spicy Curry.

50 Spinach and Prawn Bhaja £8.50 C2 Healthy Choice
Prawn cooked with leaf spinach with garlic and onion. Fairly dry dish.

51 Cod Fish Piri Piri £8.50 C3
Cod steak cooked chef's special piri piri sauce. Garnish with coriander and spring onion.

52 King Prawn Chasni £11.95 (New) C2
King Prawn cooked with garlic onion and chef s special sweet and sour sauce. Garnish with lemon and coriander leaves.

53 King Prawn Jalfrezi £11.95 (New) C3 Healthy Choice
King Prawn cooked in chef's special jalfrezi sauce with hot green chilli, green peppers, roasted onion and fresh coriander.

Quality service Unabashedly Indian Dishes

Korma from Delhi
Delicately flavoured, creamy curry sauce with coconut and almond. Thick sauce.

54 Chicken Korma £7.95 Very mild
55 Lamb Korma £8.95 Very mild
56 King Prawn Korma £11.95 Very mild
57 Vegetable Korma £7.50 Very mild V

Dansak from South
Sweet, sour and fairly hot cooked with lentil and pineapple. Thick sauce

58 Chicken Dansak £7.95 C2
59 Lamb Dansak £8.95 C2
60 King Prawn Dansak £11.95 C2

Patia from Bombay
Sweet sour and fairly hot dish cooked with chef's special spices. Garnish with lemon and coriander

61 Chicken Patia £7.95 C2
62 Lamb Patia £8.95 C2
63 Vegetable Patia £7.50 V C2
64 King Prawn Patia £11.95 C2

Roghan Josh from North India (Healthy Choice)
A medium spicy curry with rich tomatoes and onion sauce.

65 Chicken Roghan £7.95 C1
66 Lamb Roghan £8.95 C1
67 Vegetable Roghan £7.50 V C1
68 King Prawn Roghan £11.95 C1

Madras from South India
Everyone's favourite originates from Madras; cooked in hot spicy sauce. Chilli strength 4.

69 Chicken Madras £7.95 C4
70 Lamb Madras £8.95 C4
71 King Prawn Madras £11.95 C4

Vindaloo from South India
A very hot curry with pieces of potato. Chilli strength 6.

72 Chicken Vindaloo £7.95 C6
73 Lamb Vindaloo £8.95 C6
74 King Prawn Vindaloo £11.95 C6

Vegetable Side Dishes

75 Peas and ponir (Healthy choice) £4.95
Peas cooked with white cheese in chef delicious spicy sauce

76 Sag Allo £4.95 VC1
Spinach and potatoes cooked in medium spices, dry dish.

77 Allo Govi £4.95 VC1
Potatoes and Cauliflower cooked in medium spices, dry dish.

78 Sag Mushroom £4.95 VC1
Spinach and mushroom cooked in medium spices, dry dish

79 Sag panir £4.95 VC1
A medium spicy spinach dish cooked with cheddar cheese

80 Vegetable Samber £4.95 VC3
A fairly hot and sweet sour dish of mix vegetable cooked with lentil.

81 Raj mix vegetable Bhaja £4.95 VC1 Healthy Choice
A selection of mix vegetable cooked in medium spices.

82 Tarka Dhall £4.65 VC1
Lentil soup in fried garlic and spices

83 Aubergine Bhaja £4.95 VC1
Sliced aubergine in medium spices, dry dish

84 Bombay Potatoes £4.95 VC1
Spicy potatoes

85 Mushroom Bhaja £4.95 VC1
Spicy mushroom

Selection of Indian dishes Accompaniments

86 Plain Rice £2.15 Healthy Choice
87 Pilau Rice £2.45
88 Garlic Rice £2.95 Healthy Choice
89 Mushroom rice (large) £3.95
90 Vegetable rice (large) £3.95
91 Special Fried Rice (large) £3.95
92 Chicken Buna Kichuri £4.95
(large rice with chicken and spice)
93 Vegetable Buna Kichuri £3.95
(large rice with veg and spice)
94 Plain Naan Bread £2.15
95 Garlic Coriander Naan Bread £2.15
96 Peswari Naan £2.95
97 Paratha £1.25
98 Chapati £1.25 Healthy Choice
99 Wholemeal Chapati £1.25 Healthy Choice
100 Chips £2.25
101 Poppadoms £0.60


102 Spiced Onion C1 £0.95
103 Onion Chutney C1 £0.50
104 Cucumber Raita C1 £0.95
105 Mango Chutney C1 £0.50
106 Lime Pickle C1 £0.95

If you want any other Indian dish which is not in our menu. Please ask as we may able to do it for you.
Price include VAT, service charge not included. For large table (more than 8) service charge 10% will be included.

Tandoori special European Dishes

Prawn Cocktail £2.25
Garlic Mushroom £2.50

Main Dishes
Fish Finger Supper £3.95
Chicken Nuggets Supper £4.95
Mushroom Omelette £4.95
Chicken Omelette £5.95

Taste of Spice Fast Food

108 Chicken Tikka Twist £2.90
Succulent chicken tikka with lettuce and mayonnaise, wrapped in tortilla bread.

109 Vegetable Pakora Twist £2.40
Delicious pakora with lettuce and pakora sauce, wrapped in tortilla bread.

110 Chicken Tikka & Chips £3.50
With choice of sauce.


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